Digging up the old days

Posted on Monday, August 27th, 2012 at 3:16 pm

It was a Typhoon day and I was checking the sky, cobalt blue with enormous cloud flying west in somewhat like an 8x speed, when a notification nudged in..

It was a request via Linkedin from Kevin Graham.. in fact I didn’t know who he was until he¬†introduced himself as the official Star Wars artist.. Ooh..

We hit right away, taking like we were good old friends from the past, I guess there is something about old time artists that we feel like we are the survivors, the warriors from legendary tale.. that we talk in the language understood only in the ancient days..

So Kevin told me he wants a good bunch of collection of Disney, as alike the original as possible.. I mean yes, we can’t make them originals because the originals are perhaps somewhere in someone’s attic, if not already burnt or buried.. , but he wants me to draw the way I did, which is to say, on animation paper with blue pencil for the rough and the back pencil for the clean-up and lastly on the transparent celluloid with ink and colors..

The first day was like a rehearsal, so I did some sketches from Snow White and Little Mermaid and he then pinged me right away with a huge list of scenes that he would like to collect..

So our project “Old Cels” started..

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