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This is an HMTL version of SageBirden.net, made for those who are on i-Pad or Mcbook without FlashPlayer.

At the moment, this WordPress-based site holds together Portfolio and Personal Blog, so business and personal schemes seem to combine here.. for a while..

In this version, I’ll not be using FlashPlayer or.swf files, and some of the work that was done in Flash might appears incomplete here¬† and I’ll have to skip some of those that will never work without FlashPlayer¬† (such as webdesign with buttons) to avoid frustration for Mc users.

If you have no problem viewing .swf, you might also want to visit the Flash Version of the site..(^u^) and have more fun..

And you can always go back to the Main Page of SageBirden and enjoy the view..

Lastly, you are free to leave comments in where’s allowed..and thanks for visiting..


Sage Birden