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Birth town: Bangkok, Thailand.

Race: Eurasian

Current Nationality: Taiwan R.O.C.

Current city: Shanghai, China

Working History :
1995: started to work with Wang Film Animation Studio, Taipei, as an Assistant-animator and a Key-clean up artist, putting charactors on models and doing the inbetween sheets. In the same year, working short time in Bangkok for MGM’s All Dog Goes To Heaven2.
1996: working as a tutor and a co-superviser for inbetween and clean-up team at Hong Guang studio, Zhu-Chou, China
1997: working again in Taipei, WF studio as an animator. Started with The Teacher’s Pet and Osmosis Jone.
During 1998~2001: switched back and forth between doing Key-animation and Key-clean up, the work included, Winnie The Pooh, 101 Dulmatians (series version), Buzz Lightyear, Land Before Time, The Weekenders, Hercules (series), Pippin the Feature, Lilo and Stitch(VDO) and more.
2002: started working as a contractor and a freelancer while not limited to animation area. The same year, went back to Bangkok and first Flash MV of life “Gold Fish” won second price at MV contest for a new singer album.
Late 2005~Early 2006: contracted with Pirate Game studio, doing animation for the game charactors.
2006~2007: contracted with, doing animation for all the Minime friends and some background and animated items and some themes for, and a game application for
Early 2008: started doing storyboard as freelance, most of the work for kid educational series at He-Li studio, Taipei.
Late 2008~Early 2009: contracted with the Monk studio, Bangkok, doing storyboard for project Paddle Pop3.
2009: <paused for health and family problem>
Early~mid of 2010: doing the contunied episodes of PaddlePop project

Mid~late 2010: relocated to Shanghai, China. Doing freelance on game projects like RangoTheWorld that has come out after Rango the movie.

2011 : On her own projects..

Skills and abilities:
Language: English, Thai, Mandarin, some Japanese and some Deutsch.
Education: some years in Bangkok University, School of Science (1988~1999)